Westheimer Gallery Artists




Lindsey Steelman

Opening: February 5, 2021
First Friday Party: February 5,  5:30 – 7:30 PM
Exhibition: February 5 – February 27, 2021

This body of work is dealing with all the experiences I meditate on.  The constant negotiation of how colors interact with each other makes me think of how that correlates with me interacting with my environment, also investigating the process in which colors create or destroy emotions. The colors in these images aren’t showing how I feel about the space I’m in, but are showing my constant process of thought and investigation of who I am and how my life evolves from moment to moment.

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MARCH 2021


FEALART  (The Art of Charles Coburn)

Opening: March 5, 2021
First Friday Party: March 5,
5:30 – 7:30 PM
March 5 –     March 27, 2021

To perfect his craft, FEALART (Charles Coburn) has studied numerous artists and different techniques in the art world, along with interning for some of Cincinnati’s most renowned artists such as Mary Barr Rhodes. The “Radiant Child” Jean Michel Basquiat was an artist he found to be an early inspiration, along with many others such as Gerhard Richter, Picasso, and Salvador Dali. Over the years he fell in love with Anatomy and along his journey through sobriety he acquired a more mature understanding of love, relationships, and the human body. FEALART showcases his personal growth as a self-taught artist, progressing from his earlier paintings that involved literature, bold colors, and lines to create depth to his almost lifelike paintings now, that admire the beauty and anatomy of the human body. His smooth lines and colorful texture bring a new style and interesting perspective to the art community, as he looks to make a name for himself and create his own new genre of art “Abstract Surrealism.”

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APRIL 2021


The Art of Pastel

Marilee Klosterman

Opening: April 2, 2020
First Friday Party: April 9  6 – 8 PM
April 2 – April 24, 2021

“Ever since childhood, I have recognized painting was a ‘call’ to me.  It is a means of expressing my feelings and a channel for my creative energy.  Painting in pastel has become an integral part of my life.  I seek to make things which are perhaps unnoticed, become noteworthy  and beautiful subjects.”

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Steve Subit and Family

MAY 2021


Nate Flanigan

Opening: May 7, 2021
First Friday Party: May 7  
6 – 8 PM
May 7 –
May 29, 2021

For my show “Observations” I wanted to explore and observe everyday subjects I came across in the past year. I explored some seemingly mundane objects or scenes and found the beauty in them. Over the year I spent a lot of time indoors and focused on interior paintings, such as “Sam in the Studio” or “Flowers by the Window” and also focused on the landscape that I love.  I enjoyed getting paintings ready for this show, and really learned a lot from not worrying about the subject, and just observing what it was that I was looking at. Almost all the paintings in this show were painted from life, which is my preferred method of painting, and I felt the title to my show “Observations” was fitting for that reason.

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JUNE 2021

Embellished: The Mosaic Art of Carol Gerlach

Carol Gerlach

Opening: June 4, 2021
First Friday Party: June 4 
5:30 – 7:30 PM
June 4 –
June 26, 2021

Mid-Century Modern is not for me.  I love mixed-media mosaics and the way they let me express all the shades and textures and patterns we have in our lives and in our imaginations.  I also love the way mosaics utilize the old, the broken, and the discarded to create something entirely new, and usually much improved.  I find inexpressible happiness in seeing sunlight sparkle on a mirrored garden stone, or helping stained glass, thrift-store pearls, and grandma’s dishes give an iridescent new identity to a vintage guitar or retired bowling ball.

I am a firm believer in too much decoration.  

  I taught myself, and found myself, through trial and many errors—and clearly having a somewhat obsessive character doesn’t hurt.  Discovering one’s own style, and celebrating that, is key. 

For me, mosaic art is only limited by the nature of the materials, and the amount of joy it brings to the viewer and the maker, is truly limitless.  With lots of positive feedback, a few awards, and then winning the Art North 2020 competition, I’ve realized people are hungry for a visual experience that leaves them buoyant, not brooding.  Now more than ever, that seems like a worthy goal.

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Anna & Matt


JULY 2021

Take A Hike

Jessica Schuster

Opening: July 9, 2021
First Friday Party: July 9
                             5:30 – 7:30 PM
July 9 –
July 31, 2021

Whether it be a Highlights hidden picture page, an afternoon of geocaching, or finding a four-leaf clover, I find joy in the hunting and gathering experience.  If you are also in tune to those natural instincts, you will have a better understanding of why I take photos, and how the A-Z Backyard Field Guide came to be.

As an art teacher of 20 years, I was happy to share my hobby with my childhood friend and horticulture expert, Merry Hicks.  With her knowledge and motivation, we decided to collaborate on the A-Z Field Guide project, uniting the friendship of art and science.

This exhibit is an extension of those images.  The majority of my photographs were taken while on walks in local parks, including our very own Sharon Woods.  Through my work, it is my hope to instill in others that same love of finding those little moments that are so easily obtained, but so often overlooked in the bigger picture.

Finding a four-leaf clover is not luck.  

“Just look for the square in a sea of triangles” -Jessica Schuster 

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Stargazing & Other Stories

Denise Foster

Opening: August 6, 2021
First Friday Party: August 6
                             5:30 – 7:30 PM
August 6 –
August 28, 2021

An artist using a palette knife to add texture, interest and abstraction to her paintings, I started my art journey more than 20 years ago with a watercolor workshop in Tennessee. Since that time, I have attended classes, workshops and seminars in order to build my knowledge and skill base. Constantly continuing my education and traveling the U.S and France with fellow artists and teachers has enhanced my intuitiveness, creativity and reference material. My expressive use of thick paints and palette knife give a sense of energy, emotion and body. 

A painting with blocks of lush color, thick paint and visible strokes catches my eye, along with abstracted shapes and implied movement. Color is my main interest and the beginnings of my paintings usually start out with unformed, unrestricted beautiful color shapes that pique imagination and feeling. My go-to subject is floral because of their varied shapes and light-changing colors. Applying paint with a palette knife adds texture, interest and abstraction. The painting is complete when I can see that it adds beauty or joy to my day.

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Eddie Meiners

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Celebrate Community

Lynn Elzey

Opening: September 3, 2021
First Friday Party:
September 10      5:30 – 7:30 PM
September 3 –
September 25, 2021

For the past 25 years, if you call my house and I’m not at home, the answering machine will say, “Remember to love, live, learn, laugh, and pass it on.” I’ve always tried to follow my own advice, but especially now the ‘”pass it on” phrase. I have been given a creative gift that has served me well as an artist, teacher, author, and playwright. I would like to use that gift to give back to my community, high school alma mater, and Sharonville Elementary School, where I taught art for 30 years. Someone one said, ‘Discover your passion, then find a way to share it with others.’ This art exhibit is my attempt to say thank you to those who have made my life a wonderful “memory maker”. It is my hope that the money donated through this art exhibit will help support the Westheimer Gallery and other artists of the community.

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Brian Merrick


Princeton Young Artist Invitational

Opening: October 1, 2021
First Friday Party: October 1                                    5:30 – 7:30 PM
October 1 –
October 23, 2021

Art Students at Princeton High School are exploring design elements and principles, as well as location and purpose of local architecture. Emphasizing basic design elements, such as line, shape, color, and texture, students create compositions that recreate, juxtapose, abstract, repeat, emphasize, and celebrate our local urban and suburban environment, whether it be here in the Princeton School District, or other parts of the city.

The student artwork includes photography, digital art, drawing, painting, ceramics, and mixed media.

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Tom Burton
Superintendent Princeton Schools
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