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Our Next 1st Friday is scheduled for April 9th 2021

The Art of Creating a Great Friday Night

So, what’s on your schedule most Friday nights?
A quick burger on your way home from work…  Pizza and Netflix consumed from the comfort of your couch… Both perfectly good options… until they stop being options and become “the only things I do on a Friday night”. 

Maybe once a month, a different Friday night would be a welcome change.

On the first Friday of the month the Westheimer Gallery in downtown Sharonville hosts a party and a new art exhibition.  Join us for a reception that’s free and open to the public.  Come view spectacular art, meet the artist(s), mingle with friends and enjoy complimentary wine and nibbles.  First Friday events are from 6-8pm and are designed to be the starting point of your great Friday night.

JULY 2021

Take A Hike

Jessica Schuster

Opening: July 9, 2021
First Friday Party: July 9
                             5:30 – 7:30 PM
July 9 –
July 31, 2021

Whether it be a Highlights hidden picture page, an afternoon of geocaching, or finding a four-leaf clover, I find joy in the hunting and gathering experience.  If you are also in tune to those natural instincts, you will have a better understanding of why I take photos, and how the A-Z Backyard Field Guide came to be.

As an art teacher of 20 years, I was happy to share my hobby with my childhood friend and horticulture expert, Merry Hicks.  With her knowledge and motivation, we decided to collaborate on the A-Z Field Guide project, uniting the friendship of art and science.

This exhibit is an extension of those images.  The majority of my photographs were taken while on walks in local parks, including our very own Sharon Woods.  Through my work, it is my hope to instill in others that same love of finding those little moments that are so easily obtained, but so often overlooked in the bigger picture.

Finding a four-leaf clover is not luck.  

“Just look for the square in a sea of triangles” -Jessica Schuster 

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Spend an evening at the Westheimer Gallery soon – connect and engage with others in an appreciation for diverse art forms, cultures and perspectives.  And on Monday when someone asks you what you did over the weekend, start your answer with “I had a great Friday night at this little gallery….”

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